Land Swallow is a wild take on loneliness - an intrinsic facet of life somewhere down that (hopefully) long road.  

Land Swallow acts as a response to my unrequited attempts at love and attraction.

With a level of dysphoria and unsatisfied yearning, I poetically and artistically gives my sexuality back to the earth, my only constant.


Through costume and physical performance,  I endeavoured to mirror society's shared dating and courtship semiotics, by shapeshifting into different protagonists to entice a reaction from my surroundings. Each character gives way to a different version of the projected self, exposing the timid, crass, lustful, manic and painful faces of myself - within the quest for reciprocated desire.

A four year project, photographed, performed and written by Ryan Skelton, filmed and directed by Saskia Dixie.

With costumes by
Kate Zelentsova, John Skelton, Rene Scheibenbauer, Liam Johnson, Maisie Pearson, Edwin Thomas Mohney,
Harry Pontefract, Celia Calderon Asensio, Stephanie Linn, Alisa Ruzavina and Joel Quadrl

Presented and co-edited by Jamie Allan Shaw & EYM Studio

Exhibited on June 28th 2018  at Asylum Chapel, London.