A series of self portraiture photography, as well as dance performance pieces for video in collaboration with filmmaker Saskia Dixie.


The project was inspired by a quote from Sally Potter's film adaption of Virginia Woolf's novel "Orlando" - the scene of the quote shows Tilda Swinton dramatically running in full victorian attire over a misty winter landscape, falling onto grass and proclaiming ' Nature, Nature, I'm your bride, take me!"


I wanted to do a year's project in which I had the time to photograph the full range of seasons and weather that plays a part of the nature of England. But instead of just shooting landscape photography, I wanted to incorporate my practise of self portraiture photography on analogue film with the concept of giving up my sexuality and giving it back to the earth.


In order to convey this year's journey I decided to commission 12 different designers that I knew of personally beforehand, to create for me a costume for each month starting from the project's birth date of June 2017. 


I selected a month for each designer that I felt that the nature and weather of that chosen month would be most fitting for the personality of the designer. Another part of the project was instead of creating a portrait of each designer involved, I used the costume made for me to try and create a portrait of my perception of my relationship to each designer, but though only shooting myself in nature. I have also written poetry for each month that also explores my view on the personality of each of the designers involved.


Following from this I have collaborated directly on each month with Saskia, creating short films that film me performing and interacting intimately with Nature, my Soulmate. On June 14th 2018 we exhibited the project at Asylum Chapel, London.